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Why choose us?

Since 1996, Exode Tours has been offering personalized and efficient services so that our customers can fully enjoy the richness of our island. You can choose from our multiple predesigned itineraries which cover each and every corner of the country. You also have the possibility to customize your trip as you wish. Our travel consultants will provide optimal and quality service to help you prepare and enrich your journey.

In order to assist you effectively, please make sure to give as much information as possible.

We pay attention to every detail, and put in our best to make your journey exceptional! It is our duty to take care of the "little things" which will make the difference.

Exode Tours, where professionalism is combined with friendliness. You will be our "Vahiny", our guest. Hospitality and availability are a reflection of the Malagasy people.

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Executive Manager
Exode Tours - Lot 29B Antanetibe Antehiroka 105 Talatamaty MADAGASCAR
Tel : +261 34 13 977 39